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Nam Young Chung Collection


Nam Young Chung Collection

Items in the Nam Young Chung Collection Collection

A boat at low tide
A boat a low tide at Inch'ŏn, 1945.

At Inch'ŏn harbor
A woman leans against a car parked in front of a building at the port of Inch'ŏn

In front of the capitol building
A man riding a bicycle and a car in front of the capitol building, Seoul

4-H Club fair
Scene of a 4-H Club fair in Kyŏnggi-do

U.S. Army Military Government Building
Front view of a U.S. Army Military Government in Korea building

Korean shop
Five men stand in front of a Korean shop named Washington

Korean cabbage
Korean cabbage

Seoul crowd scene
Crowd scene in Seoul

Winter landscape
A mountain and river landscape scene in winter

Animal-drawn cart
Animal-drawn cart on a tree-lined roadway