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A Korean carries his aged father across the icy Han River at Chungju, Korea, in their flight to the south to escape the onrushing communists.

Relay station in Korea: A Korean laborer carrying a 55 gallon drum up to the Jumjo VHF relay station on top Kum-o-san (Hill 977) near Wegwan, Korea.

Two Korean boys stand before their home in Chunju, Korea.

President Syngman Rhee of Korea (left front) and Gen James A. Van Fleet (3rd from left), CG, Eighth U.S. Army, visit the Chang Duk Palace, Seoul, Korea.

Korean dancers entertain personnel of the Korean Service Corps at I U.S. Corps HQ in Korea.

A Korean farmer draws water from a well on a hill near Seoul, Korea.

A street stall opened by a Korean woman near her home in Seoul, Korea.

At the dedication ceremonies held in the Korea Military Academy, Chinhae, Korea, high ranking U.S. Army and ROK government officials attending the rites, are presented the bouquets by four young misses.

Korean fishermen launch their boat as they prepare to go out for the day's fishing, at Iojin port, Yang Yang Province, Korea.

Thousands of terror stricken Koreans pack all the roads leading southward, fleeing the advancing Reds; here, with all the family's movables loaded aboard a wagon, two of the children are pressed into service to help push it up a hill.
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