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Father & brother of boy killed by strafing in the neutral area, northwest of Kaesong, Korea.

Korean refugees travel south to escape the enemy's spring offensive to try to push south of the 38th parallel in Korea.

Kim Gong Souch, wife of Bai Bong Kyu, a wireman and general electrical maint man at the 336th Eng Utility Co, HQ, EUSAK, Taegu, Korea, uses a G.I. fruit can to draw water from a well. Because night soil is used for garden fertilizer, the danger of…

Three young girls of the Kyung-ki Girls High School alumni Association perform dance routine for UN forces, during show held at SS theatre, Pusan, Korea.

A long bearded Korean gentleman stands outside his home, Chunju, Korea.

Two Korean women employees of UNCACK use native method of carrying items on their head, as they bring vegetables and grain in to HQS, in the IX U.S. Corps area, southeast of Chunchon, Korea.

Panorama of CCF territory seen from the OP of Co “E”, 2ND Bn, 223rd Inf Regt, 40th U.S. Inf Div, Korea, located at C.T. 823 511.

Never too late for chow: This little Korean girl found that you were never too late for chow at the Happy Mountain orphanage, Pusan, Korea. Newly arrived, and having already been medically treated, she enjoys a NFSS kit of hot food during her first…

Young Chai Chong Ock, three year old Korean orphan, is pictured in one of the beds made from ammo boxes by members of HQS & HQS Co, 83rd Ord Ammo Bn, Eighth US Army, at the Soong Hyun Baby Home, near Seoul, Korea.

Korean man with A-frame rack, Seoul Korea. U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt D E Rounds (CJ) Signal Section GHQ
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