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Undated photograph showing the Hoover Tower at Stanford University

Photograph shows Ada E. Leeke being congratulated by an unidentified officer on graduation from Civil Affairs Training School at Stanford University

Photograph shows the April 1945 graduates of of the Civil Affairs Training School at Stanford University. Lieutenant Ada E. Leeke is standing, second from the left, in the front row. (From the inscription on of the reverse side of the photo)

Civil Affairs Staging Area, Presidio of Monterey: Post newspaper Staff, Assistant Editor Ada E. Leeke Front Row, Far Left (From the inscription on the original photo)

Photograph shows Ada E. Leeke standing beside an automobile.

Portrait of Ada E. Leeke in uniform at Chukan Digest.

An undated photo of Ada E. Leeke and an unidentified Korean colleague at the Chukan Digest.

Ada E. Leeke pictured with her Korean colleagues at Chukan Digest. An inscription in Korean on the back side of the photo reads: The resounding sounds from the working machines are the the echo of feet for construction of democratic Korea (Choson).…

A portrait of Ada E. Leeke. An inscription in Korean on the reverse side of the photograph reads:

Your smile looks as though you are happy for the development of our company (Chukan Digest). Your smile also looks like a blessing to the Chukan…

An aerial view of Seoul showing the Capitol. Identifying information on the photo: Aerial View of Seoul with Capitol--Headquarters for United States Military Government in Korea--at Center. Photograph by U.S. Army Signal Corps immediately following…


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