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A woman with a baby on the road


A woman with a baby, watching the sea


Korean laborers roll drums of oil from a tanker to storage area at the port of Inchon, Korea.

Two Korean women employees of UNCACK use native method of carrying items on their head, as they bring vegetables and grain in to HQS, in the IX U.S. Corps area, southeast of Chunchon, Korea.

A woman and pearl-inlay table

Korean woman and child take refuge behind the wall of a burned-out building during an exchange of small-arms fire between UN and Communist Forces in the village of Anongmyan-ni, 18 miles northeast of Wonju, Korea.

The tragedy of strife: This Korean woman and her child in what is left of their home north of Kumhwa, Korea.

A mountain and river landscape scene in winter

Typed inscription attached to back of this photo: 22 September 1947/ Under-Secretary of William H. Draper Arrives at Kimpo Air Base from Tokyo.

A part of Ada Leeke's private collection. This photo has faded into sepia color.

This statue is referred to as "White Buddah" by the co-author of Leeke's book.

The White Buddha is located outside the Little North Gate and downstream from Segom…
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