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Mr. Yu-Wan Liu, Chinese Consul General and Delegate to the United Nations from China, reads an announcement from the United Nations that Korea will have a UN-supervised election this spring (1948). He speaks to a mass of some 80,000 Koreans crowded…

Faded into sepia-color photograph.

Members of the UN Commission were welcomed by Korean bearing flowers. Left to right: R. Yasin Mughir, Syrian Secretary; Dr. Zej Djabi, Syrian delegate; Mr. Gobaoa Menon, Hindustan Under-Secretary of External…


This faded sepia-color print includes, left to right, Graham J. Lucas, assistant secretary of the United Nations Commission from the United States; William R. Langdon, U.S. consul in Seoul; S.H. Jackson, Australian delegate to the U.N. Commission on…

This faded sepia-colored photo includes Olivier Manet and Costelses Costhiles, French representatives on the United Nations Commission on Korea.


Petrus J. Schmidt, principal secretary of the United Nations and Netherlands member of the United Nations Commission on Korea


At Kimpo Airport Major General William F. Dean greets M. Gobaoa Menon, delegate to the United Nations Commission on Korea and Under-Secretary of External Affairs for Hindustan

Koreans lining the roadways from Kimpo Airbase to Seoul awaiting the arrival of the United Nations Commission


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