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Seoul, 30 July 1948
Left to right: Mr. John Latrash, administrative assistant with Office of Civil Information in Los Angeles conducts Mr. Robert E. Gibson, Mr. Lee Chun Ho, and Mr. Wallace Moore on tour of the OCI Information Center Library. Mr.…

Seoul, 30 July 1948.
Mr. Jack Newman of Santa Barbara, director of the OCI information center, and Mr. Kim Wha Seon, a Korean counterpart at the center, show a poster prepared by the visual section of OCI to Mr. Leo Hart of Bakersfield, Mr. Jack…

Miss Muriel McGuire, representative of USAMGIK Department of Public Information shows Mr. Pack Sang Kyu, Korean education leader, through the newly opened library in the United States Information Center. Mr. Pack, known as "Brown '05," is a graduate…
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