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Kilsoo Haan


Portrait of Kilsoo Haan in Salvation Army uniform

Il Bok Chur


Portrait of Il Bok Chur, friend of Paul Han and Kee Chan Han

Korean Episcopal Church


Large-group photo of congregants of the Korean Episcopal Church in September 1913; John S. Pahk is standing on far right, holding baby

Alice Kim Pahk


Portrait of Alice Kim Pahk, sister-in-law of John S. Pahk

Han Family


Group photo of members of the Han family: left to right, Howard Han, Marie Aun Han Yoo, Elizabeth Han Backman, Salome Choi Han, and Rachel Han Chinn

Namkoong-Han Family


Members of the Namkoong and Han families photographed at the seventieth-birthday luau for Salome Choi Han and Marie Choi Namkoong in 1976

Sisters at Seventy


Marie Choi Namkoong and Salome Choi Han at seventieth-birthday luau in 1976

Salome Choi Han and Francesca Rhee


Salome Choi Han, third from left, stands next to the seated Francesca Rhee. The man standing third from the right is Yun Chi Young.