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Seoul, Korea, street scenes


Marshall R. Pihl

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In the heart of the Seoul business district, Myung-Dong is lined with dry goods stalls.

Wandering Minstrel
A wandering minstrel appears at a restaurant near Seoul Station.

Wandering Minstrel II
A wandering minstrel makes his pitch with a Korean-style banjo.

Wandering Minstrel III
The resaurant-keeper pays off the minstrel.

Shoe-Shine Boy
A shoe-shine boy comes through with the promised "number one shine."

A Seoul woman dominates her variety store featuring everything from Korean matches to American gum.

Street Vendor
Pushing his "store" before him, this many sells yŏt, a kind of Korean taffy.

A Myung-dong pitchman hawks "the sharpest little razor ever made."

A cobbler goes about his business near the Choson Hotel in Seoul.

Book Vendor
Browsers shop the stock of a streetside book vendor.
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